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Patient Info

The first step in creating an amazing smile and achieving optimal dental health is to make an appointment. During the initial visit, Dr. Rudnicke gets to know each patient and the goals they hope to achieve. It’s easy to get started. 


  • Call 336-768-3040 and speak to one of our helpful receptionists. We’ll find a time that works for you and let you know what you should bring.


  • Dr. Rudnicke will meet with you and review your health history and dental records. We will look at your lifestyle and specific needs to design a custom treatment plan for you.


  • Dr. Rudnicke will conduct a thorough exam and take photos and an x-ray, if needed. We discuss your goals and incorporate them into your specific treatment plan.


  • When you are ready to proceed, we'll discuss timing, sequencing, and have you meet with a payment specialist to get you on your way to an amazing smile. 


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